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Energy Savings Agreement

Your heating and cooling equipment require maintenance annually. The biggest contributor to premature replacement is never having your equipment serviced by a licensed service technician.

Like a car, there are moving parts in your furnace and air conditioner that need to be cleaned, lubricated, safety checked, adjusted, and measured. Getting your equipment serviced on an annual basis will double its lifespan!

What is an Energy Savings Agreement?

An Energy Savings Agreement, or ESA, is a prepaid service agreement offered to our customers. You are put into a schedule for one furnace tune-up and one air conditioner/heat pump tune-up per year. We call you to schedule the tune-ups at your convenience. People tend to only think about their heating and cooling equipment when there is a problem with them. With an ESA, you don’t have to worry about it! We conveniently call you to set your service up throughout the year.

Benefits of an Energy Savings Agreement:

An ESA is more than just a quick cleaning, it is a full precision tune-up performed by one of our fully certified, clean cut, drug free, background checked, courteous, and professional precision tune-up specialists!

  • An ESA will pay for itself. A properly tuned-up furnace and air conditioner will reduce your utility bills by up to $30 per month.
  • A regularly serviced furnace and air conditioner will last as much as double compared to equipment that is not serviced.
  • It is proven that heating and cooling equipment will experience much fewer breakdowns and costly repairs over the life of the equipment if it is consistently serviced.
  • ESA customers enjoy a 15% discount on any repairs that do come up.
  • A serviced, clean system will also run at a higher capacity, keeping you more comfortable and saving you money.
  • Our ESA customers also have the benefit of being a Priority Customer, going to the head of the line during busy times to fix their heating and cooling problems.
  • Any breakdowns in the middle of the night are extremely frustrating, as an ESA customer you are priority and never pay any after-hours fees for service.
  • Like one of our professional technicians? You can choose and request the technician you want in your home as an ESA customer.
  • Never pay a diagnostics fee as an ESA customer.
  • Your equipment needs the maintenance! Why not save yourself the time, money, and hassle and join our ESA program… We guarantee your satisfaction!

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