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Indoor Air Quality

We tend to think of our homes as a safe haven. Your home should be. But what about the things you cannot see, or wouldn't expect to cause harm to you and your family?

Indoor air quality is crucial to your family’s health and comfort. On average, Americans spend up to 90% of their time indoors. Homes that were built from the early 1970’s to brand new are designed to be airtight, and are more effective at stopping drafts from outside. This is great when considering temperature control and comfort, but we have lost the natural air exchange that took place in older homes that actually created a cleaner indoor air environment.

Here are some facts to consider:

  • According to the EPA, levels of pollutants indoors can be more than 5 times higher than outside.
  • There are as many as 19,000 dust mites in one gram of dust.
  • The EPA has ranked indoor air pollution as a high priority public risk.
  • There can be as many as 2 million dust mites in your mattress and bedding.
  • Even in the cleanest of homes in North Idaho there are pollens, gases, mold spores, pet dander, bacteria, dust mites, food particles, chemical VOC’s, fungi, dust mite waste, and many other allergens present inside the home, in the air we breathe.
  • 99% of the dust in your home cannot be seen with the naked human eye.
  • Gas contaminants come from chemicals found in paints, flooring, carpet, cabinets, adhesives, cleaning supplies, cosmetics, insecticides, hair spray, and even air fresheners!
  • Tobacco smoke contains 4,000 chemicals, 43 of which are carcinogens.
  • Seasonal hay fever affects more than 35 million people in the U.S.
  • Heavy cleaning often re-suspends dust and other allergens into the air without proper air filtration.

Is there a correlation between our newer, more airtight homes and increasing numbers of asthma and hay fever cases?

How can you protect your family?
Indoor air quality products are nothing new to the heating and cooling industry. However, there has been a severe lack of understanding and education on what is effective and sensible. At Trademark Mechanical, we are dedicated experts in indoor air quality, and are one of the few contractors in the entire Northwest to have a certified indoor air quality expert on staff!

To simplify the solutions to indoor air quality problems, below is a list of products that our customers can trust will improve their indoor health and overall comfort:


Most furnaces require a 1″ filter to be changed approximately four times a year. We see a lot of furnace filters, and we know most homeowners do not change these filters as often as they should. A high efficiency media air cleaner is a simple solution to multiple problems. These filters can stop as much as 95% of indoor air particles and pollutants. They require fewer replacements. They improve airflow for your furnace or air conditioner. Finally, they will extend the life of your equipment and reduce breakdowns because they better protect the equipment from dirt and dust, which can strain your equipment.


An electronic air cleaner is effective at removing dust particles, lint, pollen, and inactivating biologicals found in your air. The electronic air cleaner imparts an electronic charge to airborne particles, resulting in these particles to attach themselves to the charged collecting plates and cleaning your airstream.


Commonly referred to as a U.V. Light, this product is a form of electromagnetic energy produced by the sun. Essentially, this system zaps and kills 99.9% of microbial organisms. It will almost completely eliminate molds, mildew, bacteria, fungi, and even viruses. It is effective at removing odors from your home. It is an inexpensive solution to poor indoor air quality.


Our North Idaho winters are accompanied by dry indoor and outdoor air. Humidity levels are sometimes as low as 10% during the winter months! A furnace or heat pump can contribute to even less humidity in the air. It is important to maintain humidity levels at 35% or more in your home. This necessity is magnified if you have wood floors, paneling, furniture, and other wood items. Adding a humidifier to your home comfort system will reduce or eliminate unwanted conditions like dry nasal passages, dry and itchy skin, scratchy dry throats, sore throats, vulnerability to infections, household dust, annoying static shocks, and will actually hinder the flu viruses mobility! A humidifier will also improve the overall comfort in your home, increase efficiency, and protect your wood finishes. We recommend a bypass or steam humidifier in all of our customer’s homes.


The ultimate in indoor air purification! This product not only catches even the smallest air particles down to 0.1 microns, it kills airborne pathogens including bacteria, viruses and mold. This is the system you want if you are interested in maintaining the cleanest filtered air, and maximum healthy breathing inside your home. A great value for a superior product.







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