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Heat Pump Repair

Heat pumps are the ultimate in energy efficiency and return on investment. A heat pump works like an air conditioner, only in reverse. The outside unit traps heat from the air and transfers it into your home. Think of this system like a hybrid car, or a dual fuel system. When gas is more efficient to heat your home, the furnace will fire up. When it determines that electricity is most efficient, your heat pump is utilized. It is smart, efficient, and a much better value than just a traditional air conditioner.

Efficiency Rating

Just like an air conditioning unit, a heat pump is given a SEER rating that determines its overall energy efficiency. Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The minimum is 13 SEER, but to get the most return on your heat pump investment it is wise to invest in a 15 SEER unit or higher. A high efficiency heat pump system working in conjunction with a high efficiency furnace can reduce your energy costs by as much as $400 a year!


Like any heating and cooling system, one of the key ingredients to efficiency and longevity is the proper sizing of the equipment. Your new heat pump must match the size of your ducting and home. Improperly sized units will fail to keep you comfortable, increase your risk of a breakdown, and shorten the lifespan of the equipment. Remember, a heating and cooling investment is a large one. Next to the purchase of a car, it is one of the bigger purchases most homeowners make. Insist on a carefully performed heat load/heat loss calculation on your home prior to signing any job orders.

Other Features

Heat pumps have several different features that can affect your comfort, efficiency, and equipment lifespan as well. This will also determine the overall cost of your investment. Keep in mind, the features of any heating and cooling system are designed for specific problems. If you have a multiple level home for example, with temperature variances on each level, it makes sense to invest in a two stage heat pump. This will help equalize the temperatures and enjoy better consistencies. Only invest in what you will benefit from, not just for the sake of getting the most bells and whistles.

Our Heat Pump Repair & Replacement Process

In the heating and air conditioning industry, there is really no such thing as an “apples to apples” bidding process. Two companies may offer the exact same equipment, however, one company may sub-contract the installation and lose the quality control. One company may send entry-level installers and one may send an experienced journeyman installer. Company A may have given you a lesser bid, but will likely cut corners on components that are necessary for a long term, efficient system. While company B was a bit more money, but his qualified installers carefully install each component and properly braze your lines. In five years, you can imagine which company provided a more energy efficient heat pump that has not broken down on you. So… Who was really cheaper?

There are no apples to apples price comparisons with a Trademark Mechanical heat pump serving Coeur d’Alene and Hayden in North Idaho. We promise you that your new heat pump will be sized accurately, installed by our drug free, certified, clean, and courteous installers, with precision craftsmanship, for a fantastic price, and backed by an unmatched 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Our proven track record speaks for itself, our reputation is on the line, we promise you will absolutely love your new Trademark Mechanical home comfort system! 







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