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Whole House Emergency Generator

Preparedness at a new level with an aging power grid!

Never be left in the dark again. Owning an emergency generator will provide years of peace of mind and home protection. When your power goes out, an emergency generator automatically detects the outage and turns on. We install these systems to the exact breakers you choose, so you’re prepared in the event of a long power outage. When utility power is restored, the generator turns off. Our power grid has experienced massive growth and is aging to a point where it is only a matter of time before power outages become more frequent and longer in duration. Run your automatic generator on natural gas or propane, avoid expensive and messy gasoline generators. After installation, there is nothing you need to do. It is all automatic!

Honeywell 10KW 

Power most circuits in home including fridge, furnace, garage door, most lights, most plugs, small air conditioner.


Honeywell 15KW

Power the same as above, for homes with four bedrooms or more. You will have the ability to run a TV and up to a 4-ton air conditioner.


Honeywell 20KW

For those who don’t want to even notice a power outage. This unit will run everything on average sized homes and even large homes. Watch TV, run a 5-ton air conditioner, live like nothing is wrong. Convenience when it matters!











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